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Playing to Win!

Corporate Team Building in the Park

(Or, the hotel meeting room, the beach, or even your company's parking lot!)

Think of it as play with a purpose. Playing to Win is a great opportunity to practice being a full-functioning, in-sync team by participating in a fresh new menu of activities and challenges. We work to engage every team member in a process that provides unforgettable experiences and exciting challenges.

Activities are punctuated with debrief discussions where the metaphor of the immediate experience is linked back to the workplace. Carefully facilitated, great progress can be made to ignite change to the team culture and find new ways to improve the overall workgroup process.

It's Innovative, Engaging and Fun!

Most importantly, there are tangible positive results: morale improves, people feel happily glued to the organization, they know each other and their working styles better and these teams find efficient new ways to solve day to day challenges.

Completely customized to align with your needs - 2 hours to all day.

These programs can be designed to work well as either a stand-alone event or as a part of a larger scale meeting.

You’ll learn more about your team spending a day offsite than you ever could in the office.