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What Shall We Do in These Most Uncertain of Uncertain Times?

If we choose to do nothing, won't we likely end up getting exactly that - NOTHING!?!

On the other hand, these perilous times call for something pretty dramatic - let's call it CHANGE! Now is the time - now more than ever - for all good souls - now is the time for CHANGE!


NOW! When things aren't going so well! Now's the perfect time!

You see, if your stock is soaring, you are swamped, turning away business and you even winning awards - then why would you change? But when things aren't going all that well, that's when change is really what is indicated and it better be quick!

Let's get some different results whadayasay?

As I am reading what the experts are saying, what I am hearing them saying, loud and clear, is that the RISKIEST thing you can do right now is play it SAFE! Do nothing! That's the RISKIEST thing!

The Home Runs come when we go for it! When we TAKE A RISK!

What kind of risks could you take right now to distinguish yourself from your esteemed competitors and get a bigger share of the pie? How could you turn all the doom and gloom news into a positive change for you and your company? What could you do differently? What risks are you willing to take on?

I talk with managers about teams, team building, employee morale and such all the time.

So often in this team building business I hear definitions about everything that team building is not.

Let me tell you - quite simply what it is - Getting people to connect!

When people connect they feel as though they'll be missed. They push the envelope. They are confidently taking on the status quo. Believe it or not, they are more loving, able to nurture others in the group. They feel as though they are a part of something bigger.

Zappos is a multi million dollar internet shoe company with lots of employees. After a new hire has been there for about a month they ask them a very intriguing question, "Would you be willing to leave RIGHT NOW for $3000?" If the answer is "yes", then they pay up. They wouldn't want them to continue to work at Zappos anyway. You see, Zappos simply asks that the employees feel as though they have a mission - not that they simply have a job! (By the way, as you might have guessed, they don't often have to pay the three grand).

Are you willing to take a risk like Zappos does? Are you willing to peer around the corner and see what you and your crew might be able to do to improve things during these uncertain times?

Are you willing to take a risk? Maybe two?

By Jeff Blum, Lead Facilitator at The TeamBuilding Co.

Copyright 2011 Jeff Blum. All rights reserved.